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Pictures On The Waves


TIA: Conference Pre-Roll video

TIA Preroll Final

TIA, the Telecommunications Industry Association, wanted to create a video to play as a pre-roll for conference sessions at a new trade show and conference, the TIA NOW conference. Because there would be a wide variety of attendees, some of whom were not familiar with TIA’s mission, this video was created to introduce and/or remind attendees of what TIA does, for whom and what their goals are. With a little over than a week turnaround from script to delivery, I worked with Xi Lin, a talented motion graphics designer, to write and create this peppy, motion graphics music video to convey all of the above. The video was a success at the conference (people even clapped!) and is now featured on the front page of their website.

Producer, Director, Writer, Editor
TRT 1:50

Editing Reel

2010 Reel from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

TRT 5:20
As with all editors, this is in need of an update, but suffice to say, I do cut a mix of broadcast/documentary/corporate/military pieces, promo pieces, and scripted dramatic films. Been using Photoshop since, well, a long long time, and handy with After FX and Motion for doing motion graphics work.

US Army: MedCom promo

US Army MedComm from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

SAIC  |  US Army Medical Command | Producer, Editor, Writer
TRT 4:43

After finishing up on the Army Escort project, SAIC tapped me again to work on another Army piece, this time as creative producer, post producer, editor and writer. Because Army medicine, and specifically Walter Reed, has suffered from some PR problems in recent years, leadership felt it important to promote the new measures in place at Walter Reed to provide excellent care to all it’s patrons. This promo came together largely in post, with graphics designed by Matt Nagy, a score by Matt Zappile, a script written by myself and a tag-team edit with me and another staff editor (I became rather sick in the middle of post, never a good thing!) With key leadership interviews, verite b-roll from Walter Reed, slick graphics and a compelling score, this promo clearly communicated the efforts of Medical Command and hopefully instilled confidence with both the attendees at AUSA and the Walter Reed staff members who also viewed the video.
Winner, TIVA award for scriptwriting under 30 minutes, 2011

US Army: Escort Training

US Army: Escort training from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

SAIC  |  US Army | Editor, Writer
TRT: 19:28

When a soldier dies, their body is escorted from Dover or where they died, to their final resting place by an Escort solider. SAIC had created interactive training pieces for Casualty Notification Officers and Casualty Assistance Officers, so the Army again tapped SAIC to create training for this duty. A scripted dramatic reinactment and interviews with escort soldiers and the civilians who support them were handed me to create a short film detailing important moments of escort duty. Usually the dramatic and the documentary stories are told separately, but in order to keep the running time under a half hour, I decided to combine the two which caused a little eyebrow raising. However, I convinced them it would work and upon seeing a fine cut, the client agreed.

The 48 Hour Film Project 2010 Trailer

The 48 Hour Film Project 2010 Trailer from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

The 48 Hour Film Project | Editor
TRT: 2:xx

In need of a new trailer for the 2010-2011 season, my long time client the 48 Hour Film Project asked me if I wanted to cut the trailer that plays in every city before each screening. Cutting a montage to music? Sign me up. It was a lot of fun, and it’s always great to see the audience laugh at the “it’s rendering…” bit!

The Dangers of Alcohol Deregulation

RHED Pixel | Center for Alcohol Policy | Editor, Writer, Post Supervisor
TRT: 5:33
Association Trends All-Media Silver Award

With sentiments on alcohol policy and deregulation changing, the Center for Alcohol Policy commissioned this video to compare the United Kingdom’s problems with alcohol, many due to deregulation, with the United States. With over 5,000 dvds printed and counting, hopefully the UKs tale will help the US avoid some of the pitfalls of deregulation, should the country go down that road. I helped write the piece and work in infographics to illustrate key points based on journals and articles in the written companion piece. Matt Zappile was the lead graphic designer, voiceover by Melissa Leebaert.

National Air & Space Museum: Phase 2

NASM:Phase 2 from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

RHED Pixel | Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum | Editor
TIVA Gold, PR & Marketing, TIVA Bronze, Editing/Non-Fiction Under 30

The NASM commissioned this video to aid in the fundraising for “Phase 2” of the Udvar Hazy Space Center out in Herndon, VA wherein several workspaces and archives in Greenbelt, MD would come home to the Herndon location.

Del-Jen: Working for Fluor

Del Jen from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

RHED Pixel | FD Dittus | Editor and Post Supervisor
TIVA Gold, PR & Marketing and Directing
TRT: 11:17

Del-Jen is a vocational training school for the construction trades, taking in at-risk youth and giving them life-long skills. One of the ultimate goals for work placement is Fluor, which manages construction sites across the country. Culling down numerous interviews with those in training, those who have graduated, as well as their instructors, was no small task but one writer/director Stephen Mennick made manageable. Compelling story coupled with striking visuals, this remains one of my favorite pieces to date.

Children’s National Medical Center: past work

RHED Pixel with Amy DeLouise | Children’s National Medical Center | Editor, Graphics, Creative Director

RHED Pixel and CNMC also have a long history. These are a few of the videos which I’ve cut for them over the years, some of which can be seen on their website or on their YouTube channel.

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