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Pictures On The Waves
US Army: MedCom promo

US Army MedComm from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

SAIC  |  US Army Medical Command | Producer, Editor, Writer
TRT 4:43

After finishing up on the Army Escort project, SAIC tapped me again to work on another Army piece, this time as creative producer, post producer, editor and writer. Because Army medicine, and specifically Walter Reed, has suffered from some PR problems in recent years, leadership felt it important to promote the new measures in place at Walter Reed to provide excellent care to all it’s patrons. This promo came together largely in post, with graphics designed by Matt Nagy, a score by Matt Zappile, a script written by myself and a tag-team edit with me and another staff editor (I became rather sick in the middle of post, never a good thing!) With key leadership interviews, verite b-roll from Walter Reed, slick graphics and a compelling score, this promo clearly communicated the efforts of Medical Command and hopefully instilled confidence with both the attendees at AUSA and the Walter Reed staff members who also viewed the video.
Winner, TIVA award for scriptwriting under 30 minutes, 2011

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