Pictures On The Waves I cut pictures and sound.

Pictures On The Waves
National Air & Space Museum: Phase 2

NASM:Phase 2 from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

RHED Pixel | Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum | Editor
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The NASM commissioned this video to aid in the fundraising for “Phase 2” of the Udvar Hazy Space Center out in Herndon, VA wherein several workspaces and archives in Greenbelt, MD would come home to the Herndon location.

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I'm Nicole Haddock, a freelance editor and filmmaker located in Washington, DC. I've lived down here for 8 years, worked full time for 6 and before that, lived and worked in the Boston area. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in film and video, made a number of shorts, taught a few classes and am generally obsessed with all things post production.
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