Pictures On The Waves I cut pictures and sound.

Pictures On The Waves
Editing Reel

2010 Reel from nicole haddock on Vimeo.

TRT 5:20
As with all editors, this is in need of an update, but suffice to say, I do cut a mix of broadcast/documentary/corporate/military pieces, promo pieces, and scripted dramatic films. Been using Photoshop since, well, a long long time, and handy with After FX and Motion for doing motion graphics work.

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I'm Nicole Haddock, a freelance editor and filmmaker located in Washington, DC. I've lived down here for 8 years, worked full time for 6 and before that, lived and worked in the Boston area. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in film and video, made a number of shorts, taught a few classes and am generally obsessed with all things post production.
What I Do

Available for hire on a freelance basis for the following tasks-
editing - offline and online
producing and writing
consulting and training on post production
post-supervising and media management
web video (script to screen)
dvd and blu-ray authoring